Designing Minds: Serious Play (Part 1 of 4)

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A few months back I attended and blogged the “Art Center: Serious Play” conference which I’d highly recommend anyone to attend to get inspired and get serious about playing (working). They just came out with a series of videos about some students pumping out some work! check it out!

“The Art Center of Pasadena, California is linking its upcoming Art Center Design Conference with the launch of Wrap Magazine, the next incarnation of the Fish Wrap publication. The theme for this joint project is “Serious Play,” a term which encompasses all the work done at the Art Center.

In this episode of Designing Minds, eight student illustrators and eight student graphic designers combine their varying skill sets for a common goal. This collaboration sparks innovative concepts and intense connections.

For more episodes of Designing Minds, click here.”

Videos 1 and 2 after the jump!

you’ll have to pause one of the videos since they both auto play…

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    it’s nice idea

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