Search Engines have been all the same lately due to Googles domination. I do recall doing some pretty cool visual add ons, but I’ll have to give them another try. Google’s top secret ad free engine has it’s benefits as well…i dig the continuous pages.

Anyhow, I stumbled into which is in beta, but you just sign-up and you get access. Basically, it takes the web snapshots uses and flips them into one fluid Coverflow like experience. They also have a pretty neat filter system for different topics. Sign up, give it a try! I’d say it’s only for users with fast connections as it is a very visual experience (more memory and higher bandwidth) videos

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  1. tango! Says:

    thanks for the link. it’s pretty neat…not as smooth as searchme, but it does use the coverflow idea. I wonder if this is the next step in search engines, …all visual, and somewhat 3d.

  2. The New Chair Fund Says:

    […] me a bit of TiltViewer or […]

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