John Kanzius : Cure Cancer Through Radiowaves!

Woa! This is amazing! John Kanzius was diagnosed with leukemia, hence went though several(24) painful chemotherapy operations. He asked if there was any other treatments, and doctors said no. He has no college degree nor any medical engineering history, but he did have some knowledge tinkering with radios.

He took his wife’s pie pans and built a machine that heated up sections in a hot dog without any side effects at all. The basic idea, inject the cancer cell with some metal substance, and the radio waves heat up the metallic areas hence zap the cancer away with no radiation ever needed! Doctors and medical researchers are amazzzzed!

I’m no science geek or anything, but if this idea tricks out, hot damn awesome! This just reminds me that innovations are usually outside of your normal job! So designers, stop going to design conferences, reading the same design magazines, etc….expand your horizon…learn from other fields, and apply them to your design discipline. We are a hybrid economy!

video via cbs
Another more updated Youtube video

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