Here Comes Another Bubble video!


For those of ya’ll that smiled throughout the hilarious viral video collection “Internet People” comes another sweet video poking fun at the widely successful web2.0 world titled “Here Comes another Bubble“.

These videos are fairly true, and gives any non-web geek a quick run through of this past years web2.0 and viral video world.

3 Responses to “Here Comes Another Bubble video!”

  1. Fubiz Says:

    Funny vidz!

  2. lauren Says:

    i need something new, going through design verb withdrawl

  3. tango! Says:

    lauren! Yah, sorry for not posting anything new…I’ve been trying to enjoy the holiday by going into a world I’m unfamiliar with which is going off-line 😉
    I’ll have a ton of goodies ready to post about in the new year though, so have a bit of fun off-line(I’m in vegas gambling), have a sweet rocking new year, and visit again soon…..maybe I’ll post soemthing special on new yrs night 😉

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