6000 Heads

6000 heads

Cool! 6000+ drawings of heads! Reminds me of the RISD freshmen year days when we had to draw 100 self portraits in a week. Fast ones, long ones, quirky and scary, then slow and meticulous. Use a pen, a pencil, your left hand then right. Draw it in the dark, the light, then smug it up with water or blend it up and make paper out of it… ahh, those were the good days!
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3 Responses to “6000 Heads”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I dated an artist whose first award was for a drawing he did of 100 heads. He was in first grade, and it was 1988. His heads weren’t quite as refined as these heads are, but I always loved that concept.

  2. tango! Says:

    ahahaha, nice! self portraits and heads are always cool, even when your i first grade. 😉

  3. ethan estes Says:

    ahh, the days with charcoal, gesso, water, large paper in the top floor of the foundation building. Took an entire week to get that dried combo out of the finger nails-just in time for the next week’s class.

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