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  1. Hi

    That startup stories is really interesting. The company behind http://www.websitemade4u.com is very keen on developing innovative web based companies.

    If your idea is chosen by them they will develop a strategy to develop it into a MILLION DOLLAR business.

    I am waiting on my idea being accepted. Has anyone else sent them an email?

  2. adam,
    I’m not sure if your a programmer, but if you have an awesome web idea, I’d stay away from funders as they would just want a huge hunk of the equity. Do it yourself, hire a programmer and spend 1-2k for an intial draft. As you have seen/heard, from the video above, doiing it by yourself especially for a web app is the way to go because it’s cheap….it’s not like an idea for a physical product which actually cost undreds/millions just to put into the hands of consumers….a web app can be done free if not for very cheap.

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