I first spotted the CableYoYo at CES2005 and never really thought I’d need an extra piece of plastic to manage my small extra corded products such as my mouse, laptop, earphones, keyboard, etc, but I received one as a gift last year and latched it onto my favorite Mouse (red Logitech MX510).

Having to hop around with my laptop a bunch, the CableYoYo has saved me loads of time, frustration, and space. It seems rather un-needed at first, but shortening my mouse cable has freed me of tangling wires in the bag, a cluster of noodling wires next to my laptop, and a few saved seconds every time I pack. Why not just get a bluetooth mouse? Well, I find them a bit slow and jumpy nor do I care to change batteries every few months or bother with an extra USB dongle I can lose… and as far as a charger… I’m not packing another clunky charger with more wires since I already have many for all my other electronics. (I really wished power adapters could be universal like USB for everything)

“>Buy the Cable YoYo here. ($5)

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  1. Says:

    Minimal but at the same time Cool design..
    that’s what we need!

  2. _tango! Says:

    it is a cool design…i somewhat wished the plastic ws a bit more slick…looks great in photos, but is just cheap plastic when you buy it…otherwise, very nice font.

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