TuneGlue: MusicMap

TuneGlue visual musicmap

Here’s another pretty sweet interactive visual music map suggester(TuneGlue). You type in a band name, expand to see “like-bands”, delete a few, lock down the primaries, and after a few clicks you have a dozen more bands to check out.

The interface is simple, the branching is nice, and the suggestions are pretty good. It would be cool if a “listen” button was incorporated into the pod options rather than seeking a sound sample on your own. Be awesome if you could use this software for your own desktop mp3 collection as well..fun times at parties if ya ha a big touch screen for guests.(Microsoft Surface Table, or Jef Hans multi-touch wall)

2 Responses to “TuneGlue: MusicMap”

  1. Marcy Says:

    Just found your site…love your posts and subscribed to your feed. Checking out TuneGlue now. Agreed…would be nice if they incorporated a play/listen button.

  2. tango! Says:

    welcome to my blog! spread the love! enjoy!

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