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jef han fastcompnay video

A nice FastCompany article on Jef Hans Multi-Touch progression that I posted about last year. If you get the chance, check out the printed article which includes a fun Matrix-like cover image of Jef with multiple hands(image after the jump). Jef has launched a new company to further develop this project called Perceptive Pixel. Press on the image above to watch the video or go to the embedded video after the jump.(I embedded after the jump cause the video plays automatically with music that can be distracting)

jef han matrix image fastcompany

Jef, I’ll have to loan you that jacket of mine that you liked now since you out-cool me by far in this image 😉

12 Responses to “Perceptive Pixel”

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  2. TOMAS Says:

    All I can say is “WOW”. It makes my keyboard look like an 8-track player. I can’t believe I missed this, it’s probably because I didn’t have your blog on my RSS reader. Thanks for posting this _tango!


  3. TOMAS Says:

    Speaking of RSS readers, what happened to the post about wireless extension chords? 🙂

  4. _tango! Says:

    haha.. i took it off cause it was an early aprils fools joke thats not real. those dudes at thinkgeek get ya good!

  5. barfly Says:

    What’s the title of that music playing in the background?

  6. banger Says:

    What’s the title of the audio track playing in the background?

  7. tango! Says:

    I have no clue what song that is…you’d have to ask Jef…i know he likes his ambient music….

  8. Jamie Says:

    🙂 good!!!

  9. Tony Says:

    is it possible to download the video. i would like to send it to a few of my clients

  10. tango! Says:

    The only suggestion I have is to take a camcorder, or digital camera, and record it straight from the screen. Otherwise, why not just send your Clients this link!(I’m the type that likes links over attachements in e-mails)

  11. Tony Says:

    i present new technology to large organisations in my country and where i present these products or videos there isn’t an internet connection so in order for me to be able to present the video i would need the actual video

  12. TheMusic Says:

    If your wondering what music that is, it’s:
    Bedrock – Beautiful Strange.

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