In-Flight Education

in flight education

Woa… smart! via springwise

“Giving customers the opportunity to learn a few words of Korean or Portuguese while en route to Seoul or São Paulo, Air France introduced in-flight language instruction on selected flights this month. An interactive audiovisual language program developed by Berlitz, the service works on regular in-flight entertainment screens. Passengers can learn and practice the basics of 23 different languages, in four main lesson categories: numbers, dates, words and dialogue.

JAL and Singapore Airlines also offer Berlitz Word Traveller as part of their in-flight entertainment package, and Virgin Atlantic has experimented with Japanese and Spanish lessons. It’s a great example of’s status skills trend. As many consumers are demonstrating a value shift in status from passive consumption to mastering skills, smart companies are offering their customers the opportunity to add to their skill set. Similar initiatives include BMW’s Performance Driving Schools, the Sony Digital University or the Viking Cooking School. Watch and learn!”

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  1. electro^plankton Says:

    This is cool but it would have been cooler if they used Nintendo DS’ instead. There have been some non-gaming development for the systems specifically language and learning.

  2. tango! Says:

    yeah, im a huge DS fan…but not sure if nintendo can score some crazy sweet deal wiht an airline…though i’ve heard some rumors about ipods being incorporated into airlines or some craziness… the time they are, ipods will be kind dead i personally think…losing momentum, and the iphones not gonna help out much from what i know…we’ll see….otherwise, in flight entertainment can be a HUGE biz if done right.

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