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idsa shift conference risd

I’m off to this years IDSA conference “Shift” over the weekend which is being held at the wonderful campus of RISD. I have not been to an IDSA conference for some time so I have no clue what to expect though I’m doubting it will as diverse as TED, GEL, or Poptech. Otherwise, I do look forward in seeing the students portfolios and seeing how digitalized, web savvy, and smart they are….hopefully none have fallen into the the “cool rendering” trap as good ideas! I’m seeking more of a real problem solving, storytelling, global changing, methodology type. If your near RISD this weekend, swing by…I think tickets are still available.

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  1. heid Says:

    hello. wondering what your thoughts were on the shift conference?

  2. tango! Says:

    my thoughts on the shoft conference: well….this ones a bit tough consideringg the fact I’ve been tainted by the more diverse larger conferenes(pop,ted,gel), but from what I experienced it was good.

    Speakers were good, though some were a bit boring, student work was good though time will tell much more, and the set up was aights….I was only there for half the conference as i came in late saturday and really only got a full does of Sunday….otherwise, the Coree77 party at ITEM was aights, a bit loud…but an afterparty at some loft kicked it up a knotch.

    Paul Budnitz of Kidrobot was a definite highlight and portigul was good as usual. David Wales from Ministry of culture was inspirational and rather charasmatic. Oooo..harvey Molotch was really good but it’s just because of my interests in public spaces. There were many other little highlights, but it really comes down to what you are looking for at the time…

    Did you go? What did you think.?

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