Italy update

florence streets
egg noodle and mushroom truffles

I’ve been dancing and prancing around Florence for the past week and will finally have time to check out the city over the weekend. A stop by the Duomo, the huge galleries, and famous churches is a must. The architecture here is charming, unique, and fluent thriving with colors and hand made rustic materials. Food so far has been ok….a few amazing meals (truffles above, egg noodles, mozzarella(buffalo), meat, salads), and a few misses due to my trust in touristy areas. An endless supply of amazing wine, cheese, coffee, and gelato exists in every corner while the weather has been cloudy, rainy, but sunny at times. If the weather is nice over the weekend, I’ll probably rent a Vespa and cruise abouts the hills fashionably with my camera in one hand.

The people I have met so far locally are incredibly friendly, fashionable, jazzy, and passionate about Italy. Many of them smoke, all of them ride Vespas, and all must have coffee. The city of Florence is annoying to an extent that there are toooo many tourists and some local businesses take advantage of that in unkind ways. The nightly streets are packed full of fake brand goods, but it gives the place charm in a funny way.

I’m trekking over to Milan on monday, so if you have any must do’s there, let me know..otherwise, I only plan to visit a few churches and the Italian Design Triennale as my flight is the next morning back to gloomy yet good ole Boston.

I’ll have a more visual report once I return, but for now, I’m going to experience Italy and try to stay away from my laptop as much as possible besides work reasons. Ciao!

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  1. brian Says:

    You should definitely grab a bite to eat at the Pizza Mundial stands. They’re cheap and delicious pizzerias. I think it cost around 5 Euros for a square slice of pizza and a can of soda of your preference. I remember it tasting delicious!! Those in the know call Pizza Mundial, “PM”. And I think they’re open late.

    I miss Milano!

  2. jade Says:

    your’e in italy?!?!?!

  3. tango! Says:

    jade,,,yes, i was in italy for the past 2 weeks or so..

    dinner rocked..i’ll have those imgs up soon once i clean my room, re organize, and revamp my inbox.

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