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I’m off to Italy this weekend for a brief research project dealing with experience design and fashion to some extent. While there, I’ll be diving into their culture, food, wines, and anything inspirational. If you know of any must see or eat places, let me know.(must eat restaurants are always welcome 😉 ) A majority of my time will be in Florence and surrounding areas, but a few hours will be in Milan. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to post any finds while there, but rest assured that if I find a wireless network, I’ll post something. ciao!

update: The crazy thick winter snow cancelled my flight out of Boston, hence I’ll be a day or two late…..a small note from my experience during the cancellation….face to face works soooooo much better than by phone….I spoke to 3 people by phone who could not get me anything within 5 days and even told me they could not tranfer me to another airline……then, I decided to give the customer service desk a go and bahm a business class seat on another airline the very next day… ;)  (thanks Mariana!)

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  1. Michael Says:

    Was there this summer. Good wireless is very hard to find in Milano and Firenze; however, the better hotels often offer it in their lobbies (although they will kick you out if you are not a hotel guest). For good food, avoid the places recommended in “Let’s Go” and all the other travel books. Ask business people on the street or just look for a busy/crowded place. Whenever I was in doubt, I just ordered whatever was flying out of the case, even if it was normally something I didn’t usually order. Every place seems to have their specialty.
    Have fun!

  2. tango! Says:

    michael…heya..thanks for the tips…..i’ll avoid the suggestion books and base on crowds…sounds like a plan.!

  3. bigevent Says:

    You should stop by Basel and I will prepare place to sleep and beers like one in Chicago..^^

  4. tango! Says:

    Jo!! yo dude….you should swing by Milan if you can…i plan to stay there on the night of the 24th as my flight is on the 25th in the afternoon. Otherwise, basel would be nice but I have to return to take care of some other projects in boston….when do you return to boston….Sept?

  5. bigevent Says:

    One more.. Don’t forget getting your credit card back in the airport..: )

  6. bigevent Says:

    It is like messenger.. so quick.. I am planing to come back sep.. Do you have place to stay and beers if I go there? I am serioulsy thinking..

  7. tango! Says:

    haha… I have a hotel in Florence for sure…as for Milan, I’m still not sure since I was only flying in/out of Milano….but there is a pretty interesting museum that i want to visit while there… so…i’ll keep you posted.

  8. bigevent Says:

    I am not sure if you have time because it takes one day to enjoy.. but if you have time in Florence, visit San Gimignano.. It is one of beutiful places I have been.. let me know if your schedule is set up for Milan because I am thinking vising southern part of Switzerland next week and it takes two steps to Milan from there.. Anyway have fun like alwasy…

  9. tango! Says:

    I’ll know by this monday what my milan schedule is like….. otherwise, if you dont hear from me, I’m in florence then treking to Milan just for a half day to head back to the airport.

  10. Bob Jacobson Says:

    I’ve been to Italy many times over the last several decades. Florence, for all its heritage artifacts, has declined severely as a desirable place to visit: too many people, too much tawdy commercialism, and too expensive. There are many nicer places to visit in Tuscany.

    My favorite city is Bologna, the epitome of the well-balanced Italian city: academic, trendy, very up to date technologically, socially progressive, wealthy, and the self-proclaimed cuisine capital of Italy. The people are used to visitors: Bologna boasts Europe’s first university and during school (now), a quarter of the population is students, many from out of town and around the world. Bologna’s close to Venice and Milan, only a train ride away from Rimini (the Coney Island of the Adriatic, but bigger), and two hours from Tuscany and all roads leading to Rome and the South. For some reason, tourists aren’t plentiful, so you’re getting the real deal.

    Naples is pretty far south but uniquely Italian, serious Italian, in the streets Italian. Turin is interesting just for being so industrial and so bourgeois, the home of Fiat and once Mussolini’s favorite site for architecture.

    Design is an Italian forte, as you may already know. Milan is often cited as the design center of Italy, but mainly for fashion and some products. I would say, wherever you go, look for local, indigenous designers. Each region produces its “thing” with its own flair. Even wine can be designed, you’ll discover; and pasta. Bona fortuna and ciao!

  11. tango! Says:

    hey, thanks for the detailed tips! I’m in Florence a majority of the time, but based on your thoughts I might trek out to other regions if time permits.
    As for design, yup, it’s primarily furniture, fashion, and food….. I’m actually goin g to attend a food fair as well, pitti Taste conference in Florence…should be amazing….

    If you have any food/resturant must go to’s in Florence and perhaps Milan, please let me know!


  12. Audrey Says:

    I think my friends Matt & Asayo will be in Italy at the same time as you—-Asayo is one of my bridesmaids and probably the one I’ll have you walking down the aisle with!

  13. tango! Says:

    oh yeah, i know them..i have matts IM, and had dinner with asayo….i have no phone there, but throw up a comment or email me with theirs and i can try to contact them.

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