It’s about time someone took advantage of Caller ID! YouMail creates a neat little service that makes voicemail a bit more customizable.

“YouMail is the new voice mail for cell phones. Among many features, it allows you to record unique voice greetings for anyone who calls you, based on their caller ID. Individualize your voice greetings for friends, family or important callers while maintaining a standard greeting for work and unknown callers.

Check your voice messages from any phone or via the web and forward favorite messages to anyone via email. Have fun with the already infamous DITCHMAIL feature that hangs up on unwanted callers after your custom greeting for them is played.”

The only problem on my end is that they do not support Sprint currently, and guess who I use. Give YouMail a go, if you can, and let me know how it is.

update: Visual Voicemail by Callwave.

3 Responses to “YouMail”

  1. nick Says:

    I was all ready to go… but guess who I use as well…

  2. tango! Says:

    yeah, hopefully it’ll be sprint capable soon…i’d love to give this service a try.It’s almost like custom autoreplies…lots of good ideas floating around this arena.S

  3. (bs.) Says:

    holy crap, man! i was all excited reading this posting, then i saw the last part – sprint haters! ugh…

    lets start a petition and email it to everyone on our email lists and ask people to type their names on it, regardless if they’re sprint customers or not, forward it to all their contacts and then instruct them to forward it on the the president of the united states of america ( if they’re the 1000th person! cause you KNOW that’ll work. ~meh

    duh… those emails are about as useless as companies that don’t support sprint phones (like iPhone – but apple is far from useless, just misled for the time being).

    great blog, btw. i’m adding you to my blogroll.

    peace in Christ,

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