Bossa Acai Juice..yummm

bossa acai juice
On one of my “let’s try a new drink” journeys at the grocery store, I grabbed a small bottle of Bossa Acai Juice(mango). So, what is Acai exactly? According to the label Acai is a purple rainforest berry that claims to be the “World’s most healthy Fruit” with the highest amount of antioxidants surpassing our beloved Pomegranate fruit. This was enough for me to give it a go, and I’ll have to say, it was delicious! Served chilled, it was very refreshing, and just enough to give you a boost of energy from the 10 oz bottles. I’ll have to grab a case of these next time around.

4 Responses to “Bossa Acai Juice..yummm”

  1. TOMAS Says:

    The website is pretty cool too! I’m going to have to head down to the local Whole Foods to get my hands on one.

  2. tango! Says:

    Yup…I got it at Wholefoods…my usual shopping destination!

  3. tango! Says:

    having a wholefoods built next to you makes your property worth 20% more in my opinion! I’ve read stories where people base their new homes on where wholefoods is…not any other food mart…I guess this goes the same for any other hotspots like starbucks, Gym, transportation, and perhaps one day my design studio 😉

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