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  1. Hey, great write up on a great story! I really like hearing about individuals who are pioneering new ways to save the environment and make a successful business in the process – much kudos to Tom and TerraCycle!

  2. Yup, please spread this one EVERYWHERE cause i think all companies should be like this down the road if not now.
    POST IT wherever you can!!
    This idea is incredible, sustainable, and smart.

  3. Jill, ah, hello, a terracycle person right here…awesome! What a kick butt company you work for… I’ve been tempted to drop my job now, and come join forces with ya’ll! Keep it rock’n!

  4. jill,
    for sure, if I find myself in nj in need of a job…i’ll let you know…otherwise, i might be moving to nyc soon, and would love to help out in my spare time..

  5. I am a former worm farmer . I like what your doing . I see lots of things that have great potential to be formed into something new also . Is there a contact e-mail address to be found and if so when will I hear from you ?

  6. I was watching Nat Geo and I came up with a thought . Is it feasible to make a womans purse or a man’s wallet from upcycled plastics ? I was thinking about a possible billfold made strictly from Potato chip bags . I have also used Corregated cardboard for Insulation before and was wondering if you guys had thought of that one yet ? I am also thinking about the possibility of the conversion of paper products into an adherable product that can be used in manners as that of wall paneling in the interior of a home . I have a lot of ideas to throw out to you and so I will await to see if they have already been thought out already ?

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