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  7. I like this idea. All 200 of my 5th graders will be making Artist Trading Cards next year. I was wondering how we would keep track of them. We might give these holders a try first. THANKS!

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  9. I discovered those boxes some days ago. My box didn’t really look like yours – so i decided to try a matchbox-design which worked out really great. Thanks for those ideas!

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  11. cool idea, any chance it gets easier though?? my kids wanted to try it, but it was too difficul for them, but iluv the idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. This looks like a fun idea before you try to make it, but your pictures and directions aren’t very helpful. I was left wondering what to do with all the thin pieces sticking out… in your pictures it doesn’t show you what to do with them. More detailed instructions would be helpful.

  13. beth,
    sorrie for the confusion. The thin pieces sticking out are to stick under flaps…much like you would in assembling an envelope or box. Think of the loose ends as “tabs” that you stick under thigns for support or places to put double sided tape.

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  16. hello.

    i love this idea! i was looking up those cards you get at home depot (didnt know they were called paint chips) i found this! i’ll definitely have to try this out! an awesome design. do you have other diy projects?

    Janelle L. Freelance Photographer

  17. jenelle,
    I’ve got a few DIY projects…just not documented liek this one… will post them sporadically on designverb.com … ciao,

  18. My husband is a painter, and has literally TONS of these lying around, although, they are the Sherwin Williams tall skinny ones. I will adapt those and make one for him, thanks for the idea.

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  28. such beautiful work you do, nicey!

    i’ve included a piece of yours here today in a paint chip love post: rikrakstudio.blogspot.com/2011/04/paint-chip-love.html

    happy spring!

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