HP’s slimming feature cameras!

hp slimming camera

My gosh! What’s become of our society. Of all the features to add into a camera, I never thought I’d see this. In HP’s terms, “slimming” squashes your image horizontally making you seem thinner. Now I know lots of us have extra pounds on us, but seriously, does it really make us feel better by digitally losing weight or squashing ourselves? After streaming through a slideshow of pictures from this camera, your going to look back at reality and think, damn, we all look so fat. At least the fashion worlds banned models that were too thin this past week to strut the catwalk. The only reason I’d want to use such a device is to squish back together those widescreen plasma screens that stretch images apart that don’t seem to bother some.(this seriously bugs me) Anyhow, as far as I know, every camera will be a mini photoshop on the go down the road which could be fun.via ohgizmo

I’ve squished the picture above even more after the jump.

hp slimming camera
(another 15% squish)

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  1. _VamPy_ Says:

    damn cant trust pictures now days haha

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