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I’m playing around with some online apps. Give them a shot and let me know what you think:– Great online ajax client for all your IM’s. They’ll have a mobile version soon! They also have MeeboMe, letting your non-tech-centric friends or strangers IM you! KoolIM and Wablet are also promising.– Online sharable calendar. I’d put this one up against Google Calendar(I wish they had an offline version to sync to)– FREE real phone number people can call you on! Be a good 800# for your house. Stanaphone gave out free numbers before, but now charge for this service.– Web-activated telephony in a click! An interesting approach to voip with some added services. I called Hong Kong on my cell phone for free!!! I still use Skype and Stanaphone though.– Online desktop made simple, though it was glitchy on me at first!

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