Kreol – play music by typing from Kreol Music on Vimeo.

My long time buddy Mike Block (cellist guru) sent his latest side project Kreol, which turns any laptop keyboard into a musical instrument. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen keyboard instruments, but there are a few unique elements that set him apart using the mouse and collaborative group jams. Check the Kreol video above.

Snow is melting, birds are chirping, and warmth is near. Hello spring, bye bye winter.

Gaming: Real air pilots race simulated pilots.
Art: Matthew Chambers sculptures. Pretty neat.
Art: The drawings of James Jean.
Tech:, recompiling your feeds to make sense.
Object: A pretty cool scale with large text!
Tech:, reading text fast without page turns via your pda.
Tech:, be informed when a  webpage is up or down!
Science: Visualizing Invisible Magnetic Waves. Very cool!
Art: Toilet roll cutout art work by Yuken Teruya.

I’m off to Monterey CA for TED conference founder Richard Saul Wurman’s newer “Entertainment Gathering” Conference!
The speaker list is quite impressive with a seemingly circus like theme this year based on this cool pdf program floating around.

Some highlight speakers I’m craving to meet:
– Violin guru Joshua Bell
X Prize founder Peter Diamandis
Applied Minds inventor Bran Ferren
Viral Global Dancing Matt Harding
– Egypt’s Indiana Jones Zahi Hawass
– HEROES writer Tim Kring
– Illustrator David Macaulay
– MIT MediaLab founder Nicolas Negroponte
– Technologists David Pogue
Dirty Job’s dirty man Mike Rowe
Mythbuster’s Adam Savage
– PIXAR co-founder Alvy Ray Smith
– Magician Jamy Ian Swiss
Penn&Tellers Teller
– A floating Zepplin, idea makers, shakers, and creators everywhere! Plenty of surprises…