Entertainment Gathering (EG) 2008

I’m off to Monterey CA for TED conference founder Richard Saul Wurman’s newer “Entertainment Gathering” Conference!
The speaker list is quite impressive with a seemingly circus like theme this year based on this cool pdf program floating around.

Some highlight speakers I’m craving to meet:
– Violin guru Joshua Bell
X Prize founder Peter Diamandis
Applied Minds inventor Bran Ferren
Viral Global Dancing Matt Harding
– Egypt’s Indiana Jones Zahi Hawass
– HEROES writer Tim Kring
– Illustrator David Macaulay
– MIT MediaLab founder Nicolas Negroponte
– Technologists David Pogue
Dirty Job’s dirty man Mike Rowe
Mythbuster’s Adam Savage
– PIXAR co-founder Alvy Ray Smith
– Magician Jamy Ian Swiss
Penn&Tellers Teller
– A floating Zepplin, idea makers, shakers, and creators everywhere! Plenty of surprises…

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