One World Futabol Project

Very cool project at where they built  “a virtually-indestructible ball that never goes flat and never needs a pump. Our goal is to bring the joy of soccer and play to youth in disadvantaged communities so that children can be children no matter where they live.”

Making Play Power.

I already bought a few! Buy a yellow or blue one here…or just donate!
Watch some great videos of them trying to destroy it. (truck drives over, it, let a Lion play with it, stab it with a knife a few times, or all 3)

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  1. James Says:

    This is truly a fantastic design that will see many children have a smile on their face. After, watching this video and enjoying playing some football myself I can see the benefits of creating something like this for playing football on rough terrains, where there could be glass or other sharp objects.

    Thumbs up to the designers of this and let’s hope it continues to change children’s lives across the globe.

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