Famous Cartoon Characters in Minimalist LEGO Form


Wow, these are awesome. LEGOS stacked to represent legendary icons that many of us know. It took me about 2-3 seconds to figure out each one, though I would have doubled the width of one of the “fathers” in a family as they did for a “kid” in a group of friends from a TV show.

“German ad agency Jung von Matt created this brilliant series of photographs for a LEGOadvertising campaign titled “Imagine”. The images show famous characters from children’s television shows in simplified LEGO form. Can you figure out each of the shows?”

via petapixel
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3 Responses to “Famous Cartoon Characters in Minimalist LEGO Form”

  1. Contempo Space Says:

    It’s so cool how you can tell who they are solely based on color

  2. On Lego | Natalie Hanson, PhD Says:

    […] but not least, I came across a fun post the other day entitled Famous Cartoon Characters in Minimalist LEGO Form.  Since I’m not all that knowledgeable about popular culture, some of these elude me.  But […]

  3. Ido Says:

    Looks a bit too inspired by christoph niemann …

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