A Designer’s Enlightening Notes

Some great notes taken from designer Amanda Wright.  Read the rest (another 10 pages) on mymodernmet.com. Also tons of other amazing sketches on Amanda’s flickr page.
(thanks MikeM)
(sketch notes mirrored after jump)

3 Responses to “A Designer’s Enlightening Notes”

  1. Amanda Wright Says:


    Thanks for featuring my sketchnotes. I’m really flattered, however, can you please include a link to my website and use Flickr to embed the images?

    Thanks so much,

    Amanda Wright.

  2. tango! Says:

    amanda. linked to your website and flickr link. thanks for sending it. I tend to keep copies of the photos on my server though since photos links sometimes don’t work for one reason or another and i hate that experience, hence i just keep them on my server. hope this is alright with you

  3. Amanda Wright Says:

    Hi Tango,

    Thanks very much for fixing that up for me.



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