Natsumi Hayashi: Levitating Self-Portraits

Photographer Natsumi Hayashi has an inspiring diary of self-portraits capturing her levitating(in the moment that is). It’s  addictive to go through all the photos which renders her like a magical character in a video game floating everywhere. This would be an incredible coffee table book. Awesome work Natsumi. I’d love to levitate with you sometime on Tokyo =)

Look at some  many of my favorites after the jump.

via neatorama

11 Responses to “Natsumi Hayashi: Levitating Self-Portraits”

  1. Karen Pierce Gonzalez Says:

    I love the energy of these images. Shows lots of creativity and great control of the medium.
    Karen/Karen Pierce Gonzalez Public Relations

  2. Natsumi Hayashi levita y se fotografía. | lavueltica Says:

    […] [Vía] [Gracias a elisamz] […]

  3. The Fox Is Black » Space Suit of the Week Says:

    […] were taken by Natsumi Hayashi. Maybe it’s appropriate that a photographer best known for her levitating self-portraits would have an interest in zero gravity couture, but I can’t find any information on the suit, […]

  4. Cin77 Says:

    I love these pictures!! Kudos to Natsumi Hayashi, her flying skills are to be commended

  5. fajas colombianas Says:

    It looks like she could levitate. And she sure could jump high.

  6. Pedro Assuncao Says:

    Love it. Congratulations! 🙂

  7. Samantha Says:

    Nice images. I think you could work on creating a more realistic effect by playing with the shadows. There seems to be a disconnect between the artist and environment. I also think you may want to incorporate your poses into your background a bit more effectively. Some are playful and exciting, but others are merely about the levitation and I find that much less interesting.

  8. Halit Alptekin Says:

    I love it 😀

  9. holly Says:

    I love these photos so much! The only thing bad I have to say about them is that some of the photos look like they’re missing her shadow.

  10. Alfian Effendy Says:

    Totally awesome. Love it so much!!!

  11. Daily Inspiration Drop « Thinnox Says:

    […] 1. Levitating Self-Portraits by Natsumi Hayashi: This has become my new favourite photography collection.  I can’t even begin to imagine how long it took her to capture each of these shots.  I’m beyond impressed! […]

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