5 comments on “Converse JoinRed Project

  1. I just wanted to drop by to say I really love your design & I really liked how you did a lot of research to create your shoe.

    Great concept. Great design. Amazing blog 😀

    Wishing you a fantastic week!

  2. WOW! AWESOME project Tango! You are an absolute genious! 😉 Very cool design and concept. Thanks for sharing your process and your story about this design! Very interesting!

  3. I’m looking around for inspiration whereas my very own art and designs could be used on different Apparel etc. Came across this section of yours as i type searched ‘design create sell print converse’ . This creation of yours onto a popular product with a worldwide iinterest and to do with a worldwide cause puts things into better perspectives and most certainly admiration and inspiration (my daughter has interest in this too- she’s 14) !!. I recieve commision ( actually to this date i havnt sold anything!!!) on my own art at CafePress and SpreadShirt websites which sell for me on there own Tee Shirts etc. I could do with a chance like what you hav been given, we all could. Your design is eyecatching – perhaps simple but thinkn about it more makes u realise the important message u can easily get across without holding up a big banner or shouting it out. something one wears with this kind of message is certainly worth the effort. To see it is great! Nice one.
    my designs are found somewhere on the web my blog too on wordpress, look for – LisaSharpDesigns my original designs are signatured and dated.
    all the very best!!

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