One Minute Portraits

Melbourne based graphic artist Benjamin Hammond offers some fun, original, fast 1 minute portraits on his new website OneMinutePortraits ! Yup, 1 quick minute! You submit a picture, he post a picture of what he did in 1 minute, and you decided if you want to buy it for $20 which includes shipping!
I have to admit that sometimes the quick drawings have more personality  and jazz than the longer ones… It’s somewhat like an elevator pitch.. where you just get to the point and do the obvious., or the twitter of portrait making…your self-portrait in less than 60 seconds!

This does take me back to the RISD days a bit when one of the lasses was to draw 200 self-portraits in a few days… what a rush!

Check out OneMinutPortraits.. and of course see more of Benjamin’s work here…and let me know if you try this out!
via coolhunting

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