Alo Drink

It’s been awhile since I last posted about a new beverage but this week I came upon a refreshing drink called Alo which infuses aloe bites along with an assortment of other flavors giving water a nice simple zest. I think I’ve had something like his in Hong Kong before. I first had the aloe with wheat grass mix called Awaken and just picked up the original aloe version called Exposed, but they have quite a few new assortments of flavors on their website which I have yet to come by at a store. Anyhow, go give Alo a try… these bottles cost me about $5 each so hopefully it’ll be available in bulk to customers for a better price soon…. otherwise Alo is DELICIOUS!

2 Responses to “Alo Drink”

  1. ndg Says:

    Is it any different than the Aloe drinks which should be available much cheaper at any Asian grocery? (Or, in Australia at least, the Asian food section of any supermarket.)

  2. tango! Says:

    it’s probably the same somewhat, but this is the first time I’ve seen it in mainstream USA markets. Good idea though in getting it at the asian markets though it might taste a bit different, better or worse.

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