Ken Solomon: Web Water Colors

Artist Ken Solomon has an interesting take on art by taking Goggle image results and Facebook pages then creates water colors out of them. I’ve always enjoyed the calmness in water colors and wished the web could reflect this. The other side I really like about his work is making the dynamic static. Our modern web world has introduced us to a world where a webpage, idea, definition is constantly changing. An image search for one topic might be different minutes later. Having a static painting gives a retained time stamp in that search, the definition in that time, and something kind of cool.

I like how Ken remarks in the video when questioned about artistic license when it comes to his paintings; his answer is that “you’ll never know” since the the web is always alive so you don’t know if he manipulated a search or if it was actually what was there.

via allthingsD (video interview with Ken)

Many samples of Kens work after the jump.

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  1. Christina Rodriguez Says:

    I’m in envy of his clear lettering…

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