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  2. This is brilliant! Or was brilliant. As a 5 foot tall woman, I have to say that people make lots of assumptions about height. People perceive me as cute or fun, etc, but not powerful or a leader.

    Remember, almost all recent presidents of the US have been tall. We all make decisions based upon a person’s height.

  3. Wow, Rebecca is the only one to have grasped the idea behind this project. Unfortunately, the ignorant masses have come to trash the comments section with their below-average intelligence. Hey people, go post comments on some Youtube video.

    There have been many interesting studies about one’s height can have an influence in the way he/she is viewed by other people. There was an article in Psychology Today about tall men being more successful with women, and I also found this study : The Effect of Physical Height on Workplace Success and Income.

    Anyway, very interesting article.

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  6. It would have to be a fairly long gathering, as I think it would take some time to get over the novelty. I’d prefer several gatherings of strangers (like each night for 1 hour for a week). And then survey them all about each other.

    Being a large man, I get called upon from time to time at work to “intimidate” a problem person. Sure I’m confident in most social circumstances, so I can “play the part” but I’m really a gentle guy with no innate interest or skill in such things.

    We all play parts expected of us (even rebels).

  7. VERY fascinating. I love when art meets psychology/sociology. Height differences really do fuel social interaction in interesting ways. I’m only 5’2″ and I have friends that are 6’5″ and friends that are my height, both extremes always have things to say about assumptions made that are affected by height.

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