LIFE: Discovery Series

Back in January, EG conference attendees experienced the premiere screening of Life, a new series by Discovery and the BBC on nature after their Planet Earth film! On March 21st at 8pm EST, LIFE will premiere on TV and I highly suggest watching it.

From water running lizards, to frogs that bounce like rubber balls as a defense, an intense new understanding in frog tongues, to the most beautiful bird gestures I’ve ever seen. Get a glimpse of the film on the LIFE site, or on a few video clips below:

The Bouncing Pebble Toad
Queer Eye for the Straight Vogelkop Bowerbird
In Love with Weedy Seadragons
The Jesus Christ Lizard

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  1. Patty Says:

    Nice video! Looks like a fun series, can’t wait to catch the premiere tonight.

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