Super Chilled Soda Bottles: Shake for Ice

While in Hong Kong I was told about some Coca-Cola soda bottle that created ice just by shaking it. These soda bottles are stored in a special vending machine throughout Hong Kong. When you open it, then shake it a bit, the inside liquid creates ice! I didn’t have the time to fetch one of these bottles, but I found a few video clips (here, here, and the above video) .

From my knowledge, the soda is the same as regular soda, but the temperature is a bit more chilly. When you shake the soda after opening it, carbon throughout the bottle fizzes up, creating ice crystals, hence making ice. It’s just the right temperature to turn some of the of the liquid to slush, but not freeze the whole bottle.  I’m making a guess about how this all works based on this “Beer magic trick video” though it seems to also work with plain water. I’m going to have to give this trick a try.

more videos after jump.

2 Responses to “Super Chilled Soda Bottles: Shake for Ice”

  1. KNhan Says:

    The carbon dioxide bubbles doesn’t “create” the ice crystals. It provides the foundation for the water to freeze on, kinda like how dirt particles in the air provide a surface for clouds to condensate into rain.

    The overall phenomena is called super cooling. You take a liquid and bring its freezing point, but assure it doesn’t freeze entirely. As soon as you introduce something for the water to freeze on then bam then you’ve got an extra cold beverage.

  2. Arline Says:

    It really works. I do it all the time with my Perrier. The ice doesn’t last long but keeps the Perrier nice and chilly.

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