Heidi Swanson: 101 Cookbooks

I’ve been following our friend Heidi Swanson’s delicious blog 101 cookbooks for awhile now and every time I glance at her photos my mouth drops and eyes widen in jealous curiosity wanting to try everything she cooks up and creates.

Heidi’s also an incredible photographer which makes her food flare just as much as her insight. Above is the result in making Buckwheat Cheese Straws.  I’m not sure how she has the patience to capture her creations before diving but I’m glad she has the time to share it with the world to drool over. If I were to describe a digital visual meal to anyone, go to 101cookbooks and be prepared for some great tips, tricks, and recipes from Heidi!

Buy her books.

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  1. Christina Rodriguez Says:

    I love 101cookbooks! She posted a fabulous and easy homemade ricotta recipe that I use to rave reviews during the holidays.

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