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The TED conference has transformed dramatically over the years thanks to the launching of TEDtalks which I’ve posted on several times. This past year, TED launched another brilliant event called TEDx which allows individuals to host their own local unofficial TED like events. Since March 2009 several events have taken place around the world. How awesome!

A few weeks back, I attended the TEDxBoston event which I wanted to post about, but had no videos to share. As of today, TEDx videos from around the world can be viewed and shared on the TEDx YouTube Channel as well as play lists from each location like TEDxBoston. I’ll post the TEDxBoston videos after the jump, and make sure to watch the last video with our favorite Ben Zanders conducting the Youth Orchestra of Americas.

TEDx YouTube Channel

Intro Video

John Hoffman:

The Alzheimer’s Project with HBO’s John Hoffman: While there is no cure for Alzheimers disease, The Alzheimer’s Project shows there is now genuine reason to be optimistic about the future. This HBO multi-platform series takes a close look at groundbreaking discoveries made by the countrys leading scientists, as well as the effects of this debilitating and fatal disease both on patients and on their families. Presented at the 1st TEDxBoston on July 28, 2009 (http://tedxboston.org).

Ryan Chin:

Smart Cities: Sustainable Urban Mobility-on-Demand. Ryan Chin explains how a fleet of sharable, collapsible, rechargeable CityCars, GreenWheel bicycles, and RoboScooters can transform transportation in our most congested cities by operating within an intelligent, wireless grid that understands when, where, and how we want to travel.

Alexa Scordato:

Alexa Scordato: Reverse Mentorship: How pairing digital natives with seasoned executives is the fastest way towards bridging the digital divide and creating a truly social enterprise. Presented at the 1st TEDxBoston on July 28, 2009

Bill Jacobson:

Bill Jacobson: MuseTrek transforms how well explore museums, cities, and cultural resources around the world. It is a collection of ever expanding ‘Treks’ created by anyone from renowned artists to the person next to you . . . all available on the web and your own iPhone or iPod Touch. Presented at the 1st TEDxBoston on July 28, 2009

Carrie Fitzsimimons:

Art Science Prize – Carrie Fitzsimimons. How to catalyze a renaissance generation among Bostons public high school students by helping them develop the intellectual tools for cross-disciplinary learning and creative thought. Presented at the 1st TEDxBoston on July 28, 2009

Tom Hadfield: le whif

Le Whif is a revolutionary new way of eating chocolate – by breathing it! Imagine, chocolate without the calories. Presented at the 1st TEDxBoston on July 28, 2009

Philippe Crettien, Casey Berman

Jazz Education and Innovation – Philippe Crettien, Casey Berman. An exploration of Boston’s vibrant culture of innovation in jazz theory, improvisation, and composition — both past and present — and local conservatories that honor the classics while unlocking the creativity in jazzs next generation of rising stars. Presented at the 1st TEDxBoston on July 28, 2009

Melissa Withers:

Nursing Home of the Future: Redesigning the Elder Experience – Warehousing the aging Woodstock generation in todays elder care institutions simply won’t do. Melissa Withers from The Elder Experience Lab reveals insights into how seniors prefer to interact with caregivers, utilize private and shared spaces, care for body and mind, and ultimately, what they think the nursing home of the future can (and should) look like. Presented at the 1st TEDxBoston on July 28, 2009

Dave Edwards:

Culture Lab: Catalyzing Innovation through ArtScience – Dave Edwards explains how a philosophy and a practice of fusing art, science, experiential learning, and social impact are catalyzing innovation in todays students by igniting their curiosity and giving them the freedom to pursue their creative inventions. Presented at the 1st TEDxBoston on July 28, 2009

George Whitesides:

Diagnostics for All: George Whitesides explains how the complex science of micro-fluidics combined with the simple process of ink jet printing can easily detect early signs of diseases and dramatically change the way health care is delivered to millions of underserved people around the world. Presented at the 1st TEDxBoston on July 28, 2009.

Ben Zanders and the Youth Orchestra of Americas

Finale: Creating Hemispheric Unity through the Arts. Benjamin Zander conducts the Youth Orchestra of the Americas. How bringing together young, energetic musicians in the pursuit of excellence and the celebration of cultural diversity can serve as a powerful model for creating unity and catalyzing social change.
Presented at the 1st TEDxBoston on July 28, 2009

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  1. Alexa Says:


    Great recap of the event. So thankful to be a part of it and incredibly lucky that it was all documented in these videos!

    Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


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