How Colors May Affect Your Productivity and Success

I use read all kinds of books about colors and how they affect behavior, appetite, emotions, and all kinds of other odd phenomenons. The strangest one was about McDonalds using yellow, which is an inviting color initially but uncomfortable over time, hence wanting to leave, leaving more seats at Mcdonalds which included their not so comfy chairs, which yes, are made to be semi uncomfortable so you don’t just hang out in them.

Anyhow, I just came by this great little update on how colors affect your productivity and success. Not as detailed, but a nice glimpse into colors. Red makes you more productive and detailed, blue makes ya more creative and less critical, blue will make you eat less, and green is rather zen like. Give it a quick read, then go spice up your work space with stuff.

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    […] all those color studies out there about what makes you work more or slower, I wonder if this law firm discovers this […]

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