James Reynolds: Far Foods

Far Foods by Designer James Reynolds

“Alternative packaging for supermarket produce, highlighting the distances that some foods travel from and the resultant carbon dioxide released during the journey. The receipt features a boarding card style tear-off strip.”

Awesome! I’ve always wondered when food labels would change my buying decisions.  Some receipts tell you how much to tip , but none have been more eco-educational than this concept.  Forget calorie counting, lets count carbon miles from food transportation. I’d definitely buy something for a bit more, knowing it used less carbon miles than another product. Think how the word Organic or Local has become such a  buzz… hopefully one day, the carbon food miles will do the same =)

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  1. Justine Suh Says:

    Brilliant! Very interesting concept.

  2. Matthew MacLean Says:

    It is a great idea, I fully support it.

    Though “locavores” need to be aware that there are miles traveled by fertilizer, to the processing plant, etc. as well. At best, miles are going to be an approximation. It isn’t practical to trace every piece for each item.

  3. tango! Says:

    good point matthew. It’s always tough to calculate every single element, much like the idea that jay walker mentioned that every megabite of data you download is equivalent to burning 1 lump of coal. a cd, say 230 megs, is burning a whole bag of bbq coal. Screen energy, storage, computation, etc.. really hard to tell, but giving a rough underlying number is something nice to relate to.

    I also didnt make my rant about how all foods show calories, but no one understands what a calorie is… we need to change it to something like “miles”. This candy bar has 3 miles on it.. meaning you nee to walk roughly 3 miles to burn it… (roughly 300 calories… Ive read every mile you walk is about 100 calories… a bit more i running since your arms are moving.)

  4. anne Says:

    Why would anyone knowlingily buy all of these foods that came so far from other countries? Shame on them.

  5. Jennifer Beaudet Says:

    We should all buy more local products. Interesting post

  6. Sammi Says:

    Whilst I agree with the concept that we should all buy local produce, the ridiculous truth is that often produce from afar is cheaper to buy. And I don’t have the extra £10 it will cost me to buy local produce each week, I can barely cover my bills now, I am unfortunately stuck with the value range and a lot of this eco guilt.

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