39 comments on “Stefans: Stormtroopers a day!

  1. Hello! Just a quick correction to a detail in this entry — the Skulladay blog is actually done by Noah Scalin, not Larry Pearson.

  2. I love the stormtrooper photos!

    A quick correction, though — the Skull-a-Day blog isn’t Larry Pearson’s (not sure where that came from). It’s by Noah Scalin in Richmond, VA.

  3. Your photos are very very hilarious as well as very technically well done! I absolutely voted for you for the contest and I do indeed hope you win! I very much look forward to seeing your future projects and where the next holiday is the storm troopers will be on with you!

  4. Love the settings; a lot of thought has gone into each senario; very imaginative scenes considering coke bottles were never depicted in Star Wars!:)

  5. These photo’s are awesome and absolutely hilarious! I want one of those Stormtroopers they bring back such found memories of school days and lost summer holidays!!

  6. Loved the last one, looks like they are in a beach looking at the sea — ok just my imagination. The one fishing is awesome too. A master piece of originality for sure, I voted there and I hope you win.

  7. I like to look at these and think this was the “night before” for the two storm troopers who made the infamous phrase “These aren’t the droids were looking for. Move it along, move it along.”

  8. I like the fact that there is two of them because then you can make up a story line that goes with these photos. “One of them is always getting into trouble…Oh! Ho!”-Yeah, that kind of stuff.

  9. i just bought a professional camera and tried to figure it out. i had no success so far which made me appreciate these pictures very much. although i have no interest in starwars, the use of the camera feature is very admirable, now i actually know how harder it is than it seems

  10. I now have break dancing stormtroopers tattooed on my leg. The inspiration came firstly from my love for star wars and then from this collection. Hope you are proud…or something.

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