Susan Jane Belton: Coffee Cup Paintings

I went to some open studios last week in Boston and met Susan Jane Belton who some years ago was bored, and started painting what happened to be in her studio space, which just so happen to be a pile of to go coffee cups sitting in a corner. Ever since she’s been collecting, bagging, and painting her daily cups of coffee… not all, but the ones the intrigue her. I wish I took a picture of her wall of plastic bags full of coffee cups. Nice simple collection!

Check out Susans work!

2 Responses to “Susan Jane Belton: Coffee Cup Paintings”

  1. Mike Says:

    coffee good

  2. Serafina Martz Says:

    I’m hoping to open a new company, specifically a coffee shop, hence the online research. Reading your posts have give me some great things to think about, thanks for the share and I will return hoping to get even better ideas. 🙂

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