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  1. I remember getting that assignment in fall freshman foundation. Man that was brutal, that was the moment I knew i was at art school. I’ve think I had Merlin Szasz that semester. My design was pretty much a failure.

    The class next door had to build a bridge with the same rules that they piled bricks on.

    One thing I think our whole class learned was not to get to attached to your work-most of them broke.

  2. yup, it was merlin.
    The other big freshmen year projects I recall:
    1. Gareth Jones: Chess Set
    2. Cardboard Boat, no tape (it had to make it across the lake)
    3. 200 self portraits in a week.
    4. Chuck Close painting (pixelated self)
    5. Microscope painting with gouache w/Gerry Imomem
    6. many others…anyone else for more…

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