RISD: What We Do Event

first “What We Do” Event is going on today, April 11th. Head on down.. I’ll be there!

What We Do is a new, student-run, RISD event designed to bridge departmental gaps and create new connections through the sharing of ideas.

On Saturday, April 11th, 100 members of the RISD community (students, faculty, staff, and alums) will share something that they do with the rest of the RISD community and the larger surrounding community of Providence.

Leading up to the day of the event, 8 site-specific “spaces” will be created by members of every department at RISD; majors paired up to encourage cross-departmental collaboration. The spaces that they build will house the day’s events creating a street-fair environment for the open sharing of how people at RISD spend their time and energy. ”

update: some pics of the event after the jump.

Following the yellow dashed arrow lines around campus  to guide us around in the drizzly rain!

A quick visit the to nature lab… a moose with a top hat!

Erminio Pinque (IL Faculty, Big Nazo) shares how creature- costumes & masks can be constructed and employed to subvert “normal” environments.

Elsa gives one of the costumes a try, hopping around, breaking it down with her silver shoes!

A student constructed dome… parts from home depot.

Inside: Wyatt Glenn (IL ‘10) shares harmonic resonance instruments, hand made from found materials.

Some random scraps of wood in front of the stairs. neat! yup, I’m at risd…

The conductor for the Typographic Orchestra!
Sarah Sandman (GD ‘09) and Melissa Small (GD ‘09) will direct a typographic orchestra (typorchestra):

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