30 comments on “Color Changing Mini Cooper!

  1. The only problem with turning from blue to red as you go faster…… is the higher risk of speeding tickets! No, thanks. But I do like the idea of morphing paint to help with visibility in rain and fighting summer heat.

  2. Also sounds like it would be distracting if these were on the road everywhere and suddenly changed colour in front of unsuspecting drivers. Still, I want one all the same!

  3. it won’t fly. Several states won’t even allow prismatique paintjobs. Cops need a color when reporting a vehicle. It’s a stupid reason, but it’s enough to keep it out of the US.

  4. As gregg said Payola Forlids (the supposed Spanish paint company) is an anagram of April fools day. Plus if it was real you’d think they’d have a video at least…

  5. Hmmm…what if it’s sunny when you go into somewhere and raining
    when you come out? Could be hard to find your car!

  6. Too bad this won’t be legal. You can’t have drivers changing the colors of their cars or else criminals will never be caught. APB – Calling all cars! We are in pursuit of a late model pink, no brown, no mauve sedan at high speeds! (why does it sound like the cop is from 1931?)

  7. SO, what happens if you walk away with a blue mini cooper and it turns red when you’re out? that makes finding your car slightly more difficult. considering i already have problems remembering where i park

  8. This is cool, reminds me of some of those little Hotwheels toys that change colour depending on temperature. But for legal reasons, I don’t see it going anywhere. Damn shame, I’ve always thought a colour changing car would be cool.

  9. Buy a white one and paint it with water colors. Any color you want. Carwash will being it back to white.

  10. Oh man, someone beat me to it, oh well, on to the next dumb idea. Wait! I have it, I will become SuperPainter and paint the interior and exterior of homes with this stuff. In the winter my home will be blue and in the summer it will turn black. There may be a problem though if the climate change does away with cool weather, I would not be able to guarantee the color changes but I could make a small fortune repainting the homes when people got sick of the weird in between colors.


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  12. Technically, the car /would/ be turning red as it accelerates on the highway, at least from a stationary point of view. Objects traveling away from a given point appear red-er than objects at rest or objects coming towards a given point.

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