7 comments on “Everythings Amazing, Nobody’s Happy…

  1. Well, I am 72 and I laughed my ass off. I not only get it, I’ve lived it. Things were so old fashioned when I was a kid that I actually had to speak to a person to make a phone call. I had to tell her, always a her, the number I wanted to call. I then had to figure that any number of other people on our “party line” could, and many would, listen to what I had to say. Oh, how quickly we forget just how lucky we are to be living today. Perhaps the collapse of capitalism will help us understand that fact. Personally, I have moved to Ecuador where in my city of 400,000 people I still wake up to the crows of the rooster across the street and it is not unusual to see a donkey with clangning pots walking down the street while Mercedes and BMWs roar past. Fantastic!

  2. we don’t want obama’s commy attitude with all the people that hate usa we need to get back alittle I lived in maine, no running water no bath rooms, no electric we worked our butts off as kids. I would never regret our hardships and being poor . now I am going on 70 I apreciate what our forefathers did for us so we could be free .Not to go back only ahead but, somehow we never taught the world to be gratefull No one in the USA would be free if our men and women didn’t fight for us to be free and have a better life.not the way its going. Barbara

  3. I really wish celebrities would speak for themselves instead of everyone else. Who is this man and when did he ever speak to me to know that I am not happy?

    And raise your hand if you really think this man will ever end up leading donkey with pots and pans banging on it’s side. Yeah sure he will.

    The foundations of capitalism aren’t breaking. Capitalism is based on a free market and with all the protectionist legislation created by CEO’s to prevent true competition, we have not ever really had a free market.

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