Sosolimited: ReConstitution 2008

ReConstitution 2008 – Live Presidential Debates Remix by Sosolimited from Sosolimited on Vimeo.

ReConstitution 2004 – Sosolimited from Sosolimited on Vimeo.

ReConstitution is a live audiovisual remix of the 2008 Presidential debates. There will be three performances in three cities, each coinciding with a live broadcast of the debates.

We’ve designed software that allows us to sample and analyze the video, audio, and closed captioned text of the television broadcast. Through a series of visual and sonic transformations we reconstitute the material, revealing linguistic patterns, exposing content and structures, and fundamentally altering the way in which you watch the debates.”

I attended this event in 2005 and it was awesome! The extra information revealed visually based on spoken and visual content from each candidate was incredible. Data mining in it’s simplest form in a very cool way, especially the barrel of words! Watch the 2 videos above (1 summary of what they are doing this year, and the lower video giving you a peek into the 2004 remix) for an understanding of this event, attend if you can for the next rounds in NYC and DC then check out the rest of sosolimited’s projects on their website!.

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