Freeline Skate

A few months back I drove by a parking lot and saw 2 dudes skating around spinning around like mad men. The weird part was, I couldn’t see their skateboards. I thought weird and straightened my head avoiding the traffic I almost ran into.

I’ve finally realized what these bizarre inventions are. Their called Freeline Skates seemingly like mini skateboards for each foot, somewhat resembling sideway rollerblade besides the fact it’s not strapped to your foot. This is some pretty crazy weird stuff. That’s all I can say, but it seems to be making a blaze across the world! Check out the video above or their website for more info.

Freeline Skates

2 Responses to “Freeline Skate”

  1. Ido Says:

    Incredible how sticky they are. Couldn’t belive that you can even jumb with them.
    Will blog that to, thank you very much for blogging such awesome things : D

  2. melissa rivera Says:

    hey there!!!
    yessssss i have tried these things they are hard! just like the smakeboard without the middle part… problem is : i cant do splitssss haha… i like snakeboard!!! but these things are cool too!! haha.. xoxoxoxo

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