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  1. Without going into a rant, I just want to say that this ad makes me happy. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Microsoft and their monopolitic (like that vocabulation?), and often horrible products, but I hate Apple even more. Simply put, Apple is “friendly fascism”, wherein you’re allowed to look really good, but you’re not allowed to open apart your own damned electronics and futz with their guts. I’m a PC because I like tinkering.

  2. Ah I hate these ads (dont get me wrong I mean in general ads that show celebs doing something)… Who cares if youre a PC or a Mac or anything. I dont use a PC or a Mac because other people do. I use it for myself. Thats why Apple did it better than Microsoft. It just puts 2 guys one a PC one a Mac and compares one with each other (not always right though). And what does Microsoft? They get people who use PC saying I’m a PC. I dont give a shit if Thom Yorke or Bono or David Beckham uses a PC because I use it for different purpose and they use it for different purpose. I dont know how can you say bravo to Microsoft :S

  3. Dren,
    I still say bravo cause ms is taking a different direction w/their ads which has made a drastic affect. Another reason is because they made an ad as a reply to the apple ads without being negative. What makes me more angry is when companies create ads that are negative… think about all those political ads we’ve all seen in the past few months… anyhow, I can respect your opinion, but your email did have the word anarchy in it, so, maybe your just that way about all things. 😉

  4. ed. yup, fo sure, this has been floating the blogsphere a bunch. I’d then mention all the apple stores/events that have popped up using xp. I cant find the one image, but when all the large iphone storefront displays crashed and showed xp running on all , it was pretty funny.

    either way, it doesnt matter. it’s up to the final person creating the cotent what format they use, and in most cases it can be either. I use both, but primarily a pc since it supports most of the apps i use.

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