T9(predictive text) inventor Cliff Kushler revolutionized the mobile industry with his auto-word-complete T9 system and just announced Swype which basically takes the same idea as T9 but uses all the letters your fingers crosses over to auto complete text in a touchscreen! (uhmm, iphone)

According to their website this is the next fastest input method after a full size keyboard. The video makes this technology seem ingenious but you never know until you give it a try . “Give us a interactive flash page we can give it a go with, dammit!!” Okie, yes, it’s new and ya’ll are shopping for vendors, so I’ll have to wait bit to give it a go…maybe CES, or early product launches. I want I want!

via newluanches

Swype website

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  1. tango! Says:

    thanks for the link. FITALY seems very interesting. the one minus is what cliff mentions in the cnet video in the newluanches link.
    Swype uses an exisiting keyboard and empowers it without having to learn a new system. I didnt dive deep into FITALY but it seems you’d have to learn the new keyboard.

  2. tango! Says:

    poiuk, thanks for the link…. hmmm, the only diffrence thus far is the glam of each website. and swype has the whole “inventor ” of the T9 buzz. Not sure which one is better…depends on the code, but good to see other version out there! thanks for the links again ya’ll

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