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weekend links
I’m off to SF later this week again. Hopefully the weathers less foggy. I checked out the Seward street slides, Twin Peaks, and 826 Valencia last time. Any other places to scoop out or must try food spots??

NY Times Interactive Evolution of the Olympic Torch
Telephone Piano Music video
Total Solar Eclipse from an airplane video
What happens when you tease a baby with food!
Nissan Cube (spring 2009) giving away free shirts!
Mini Coop to go Electric!?!
Women rocks it out in a library! (hilarious!)
Person documents 7 hours on tarmac delay!!!. Delta Bad Experience!

Dells Community Pulse

Dells launched Community Pulse which organizers their customers “Compliments” and “Complaints” along with a cloud of tags on subjects and a graph on subjects to see how they are doing overtime with individual categories.

Instead of hiding away all their complaints, show it off and improve. The more transparent a company can be about their issues, the sooner they can fix them. Fail faster, improve sooner.