Twitter in English

Twitter in Plain English from leelefever on Vimeo.

I’ve been using Twitter for over a year now and must admit it rocks! This micro-blogging craze feeds and broadcast mini moments in your fun life via IM, web, or txt messaging …and best yet it updates lots of other things, like your facebook status, and my now twitter feed I’ve added to the side of Designverb. Basically, you send a shout-out to Twitter and it broadcasts out to all of your friends in digestible messages 140 letters or less. Sometimes you just want to share something, that doesn’t need to be discussed but makes for a good conversation later on.

Some may think it’s just another social network, which it is to some extent, but what it actually does is enhance your already existing communications. I signed up for Twitter, and almost never go back to the Twitter site since I use IM and txt messaging to do the rest.

Anyhow, instead of rambling on and on for hours about Twitter, I just found this awesome video above to explain it all in animation format!!! So, sign up for Twitter, and follow me if you want to hear my random daily shoutouts, trips, complaints, adventures, etc.. or here, for a feed of this blog (it’ll message you whenever I post something new and some random messages/links)

Also, lots of great Twitter 3rd party application like TwitterVision! ( a live mp of random messages being yelled out across the world) Also for you iphone lovers, Twinkle.

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