Sky Factory: Art for Healing

Sky factories ceiling installations
Claustrophobic, scared of being bored, damn tired of at looking at those ugly white ceiling tiles in offices and most medical environments? Welcome to Sky Factories solution. Creating visual portals of space through existing structures, allowing a breath of the outdoors in, and easing patients emotions as large robotic x-ray machines roam around their head, or at least something more interesting to stare at as the dentist picks at your gums.(my dentist gave me headphones before, but I had no clue what to look at besides my reflection off his glasses into my bloody mouth)

I’d initially think this to be a bit cheesy, but I’m pretty damn sure it works. Windows, illusions of space, and visualizations such as this always fool the human mind to relax us some, at least compared to those ugly cracked white ceiling tiles we all know of.

I’d really like to see an animated version putting breeze into play but of course that cost more money. Perhaps just a few LCD’s tiled works, but then I’d want to watch a movie o play a video game..anyhow for those budget conscious, go for Sky Factories environmental installations…just make sure to clean it often so those dirt bugs don’t collect.

Check out Sky Factories Galleries and amazing customer stories for some simple solutions for a better user experience. This ideas been around for years, but this is the first I’ve seen it turned into a business.

2 Responses to “Sky Factory: Art for Healing”

  1. Scotty A Says:

    I saw these during an emergency visit to a hospital in Princeton, NJ. But the lights in these hallways are on 24 hours a day, and the pictures were fading.

    It reminded me of going to a Chinese takeout and the lighted, washed-out menu board above the counter, in an unappetizing way.

    But it is a very good hospital, nonetheless.

  2. tango! Says:

    scotty,ah, thanks for your I suspected, they would look bad if not maintained an cleaned…at least you got to experience it..

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