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  1. Except for the fact that the video can’t be shown in my country for some stupid reason – I live in Denmark(Europe)

  2. Video playback in Hulu is horrible. I can’t watch any of their videos. What was your experience with Veoh? I have found it to have the best video quality, but they don’t have a Linux version of their desktop client

  3. MichaelL – Hulu is currently streaming content within the US. That said, we have every intention of launching world wide. Just need to clear rights with the studios and networks first.. but we are working on it so stay tuned.

    JohnDavid – can you explain your experience on Hulu.com? We are definitely trying to hone in on the video playback problems that people are experiencing. You can send feedback back to support@hulu.com (include stuff like your internet speed and your IP addy) . Please be sure that you have the latest Adobe Flash Player. We also recently launched some script changes that may help, so you can clear your cookies and your cache to see if that helps your player experience. Thanks in advance…

    Oh and Tango – thanks for the blog posting.


  4. Veoh has been great. Actually Iv’e been using Stage 6 for some time, though they are shutting down now. I’ve had great quality with Hulu though.(my cpu cant stream the HD quality that well) Joost has been super glitchy on my end, and all the others are okie, besides lower quality.

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